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McCormick’s have been selling construction equipment on contract for many years for farmers and contractors.
It is as easy as 1, 2, 3…

  • Fill out the consignment contract form below.
  • Call McCormick Equipment and tell them about your equipment that you are selling.
  • Email a digital photo of the equipment or mail in a photo.

It is required that all contract sales use the standard consignment contract form.


Consignment Contract Form

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IT IS AGREED BETWEEN as seller, and Chris McCormick of McCormick Equipment, 121 Highway 92, Pleasantville, Iowa 50225, as follows:

  • That Chris McCormick of McCormick Equipment will provide to the seller the name/names of potential buyer/buyers for the seller's equipment.
  • Seller agrees that if a sale is made to a buyer provided to them by Chris McCormick, that a commission or finders fee will be paid. The agreed fee shall be % of the sales price.
  • All sums due pursuant to this agreement shall be paid to Chris McCormick of McCormick Equipment of 121 Highway 92, Pleasantville, Iowa 50225.
  • Should a dispute arise regarding payment to this contract between the parties, then Iowa shall be deemed the place the contract was made and shall be judicial from for resolution of any and all disputes. If legal action is sought by Chris McCormick of McCormick Equipment for any fees due pursuant to this contract, costs and attorney fees may be requested as provided by law.
  • This agreement shall remain in effect between the seller and Chris McCormick for days.
  • Additional Terms

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