In 1961 Leland McCormick started farm tiling with a 301 Buckeye trencher. In 1967 Leland installed the first corrugated plastic drainage tubing in the state of Iowa on his father, Keith McCormick’s, farm south of Pleasantville, Iowa.

Shortly after this Leland became the first distributor in Iowa for ADS (Advanced Drainage Systems) plastic drainage tubing. The first ADS plastic tubing was brought in by rail car from Newark, Delaware. ADS started manufacturing tubing in Malinta, Ohio and it was then trucked in.

Currently we still install drainage tubing and our tile yard located at 121 Hwy 92, Pleasantville, Iowa we stock a complete line of drainage products, septic systems, and plastic intake risers. We sell 3″ thru 60″ quality ADS,¬†Hancor, Timewell and Fratco¬†brand products. With the ability to sell the three major top quality brands of drainage tubing we can offer contractors the tile of their choice at a competitive price on direct ship semi-load lots throughout the Midwest.

Over the years we have been in business our customers would tell us they either they had a tiling machine for sale or they were looking to buy one. Often we would know of someone who had one for sale or was looking to buy one and put the two together.

In 1994 Chris McCormick started buying and selling tiling machines and tile stringing trailers, as the number of machines bought, sold or traded, increased customers would want to trade in a dozer or other construction related piece. McCormick Equipment then started handling all types of construction and has sold machines throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico. The majority of the equipment that McCormick Equipment is for sale at any given time, and is actively being used by us or the company that has consigned it for us to sell. If you have any questions about the drainage industry or are looking for a piece of equipment give us a call we would be glad to help you.